An eye-catching design for a green thinking community

District of Sechelt

Sechelt, BC

New to the Recycle BC Program, the District of Sechelt needed print collateral to communicate the new blue bin recycling guidelines to the residents of Sechelt for the goal of reducing contaminants and the amount of waste the community sends to the landfill. Array designed a direct mailer that included educational information and resources to support the new recycling initiatives and help teach residents how to recycle like a pro.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Direct mailer
  • Custom illustration
  • Print Ads
  • Print coordination
  • Social media posts

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • We found a print solution that greatly reduced costs while creating an eye-catching piece that truly stands out.
  • With a target demographic identified as slightly older, the mailer required a results-driven design that was clear, easy to read and encouraged further requests for more information.
  • With community participation and environment in mind, we created hand drawn illustrations & stylish typography to give the piece an optimistic, fun and approachable feel.
  • We used one colour ink printing and a light blue colored stock to match the colour of the blue bins, and a creative tiered fold style that peaks curiosity to be picked up and read.
  • Supportive Instagram posts & print ads were created for additional touch points and to reinforce the new recycling message and community initiatives.

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