Helping kids LOVE science.

We had a blast working with Nanaimo Science, a non-profit society that develops fun, hands-on learning experiences for young learners. Their organization teaches children to experience, observe and question how the natural world works to give them the confidence to one day excel in the field of science. In 2019, our team partnered with Nanaimo Science to help them rejuvenate their brand. Applying our creative energy and marketing theories, we helped them engineer a brighter, more youthful brand with a range of marketing assets!

Formulating a name that sticks

Formally known as Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society (NS3), Nanaimo Science offers engaging science and sustainability programs geared towards children and their families, teachers and students. For Nanaimo Science, word of mouth is huge in creating buzz around their services and programs, especially within the school system. The problem, however, is they were finding that their name, NS3, was missing the mark and not resonating with their younger target audience. It lacked that memorable sticky factor in the minds of children. To nail down the right name, we surveyed stakeholders, then ran several rounds of brainstorming. We also reviewed domains and SEO value for names we liked, aiming overall to find a name that was clear and easy to remember. In the end, the name was under our noses the entire time – Nanaimo Science! It was simple, descriptive, easy-to-spell and the perfect name that children could bring home to their parents. Eureka!

A new look that generates energy & excitement

Nanaimo Science wanted to refresh their brand to be more fun, colourful and better showcased who they were – a science organization geared towards kids. We redesigned their logo with playful, hand-drawn letters and illustrative elements that invoke feelings of imagination and child-like wonder. We also designed additional supportive illustrations in the same style that appear on their landing page, collateral, signage, stickers and a bunch of other cool swag. To ensure their brand remained consistent across all touchpoints, we created a range of print collateral, including – brand identity guidelines, envelopes, letterheads, and business cards. The new brand received really positive feedback from parents and teachers and has left a lasting impression on students!

A brand that’s fun for all ages

Nanaimo Science’s programs not only help children explore the fun and wonderful world of science but adults too! In need of a tagline, Nanaimo Science wanted an inclusive message that highlighted their mission to inspire people of all ages to question, explore and discover the wonders of the natural world. Seeking to capture the imagination of all ages, we created a tagline that would make the perfect first impression – Inspiring curious minds.

A website that’s big, bright & bold!

We custom-designed, developed and launched a brand new website complete with a vibrant, youthful brand colour palette, client user accounts, and SEO optimized content. At the time, Nanaimo Science’s website was cluttered and difficult to use. To solve this issue, we gave their information architecture a drastic overhaul to create a streamlined navigation that allowed parents, educators and sponsors to find exactly what they were looking for quickly and easily.

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