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July 31, 2023
Graphic Design: 5 Typography Rules You Need to Follow in 2023
Branding Graphic Design

What’s your type—bold, modern, chic, or elegant? No, this isn’t about dating. This is about your brand. And when it comes to typography, your choice of fonts speaks volumes about your personality and style. It’s all about building a connection with your audience. And if you’re ready to spice things up this year and attract your target demographic, we recommend following these five typography rules.

1. Showcase your brand personality.

Did you know your font is a visual element that can stimulate emotional responses between your brand and customer? Different font styles evoke different feelings. For example, a script font can influence feelings like sophistication, elegance, and happiness. Whereas a bold font can signal strength, confidence, and power. Choosing fonts that resonate with your brand’s core values and target audience can lead to stronger brand loyalty and engagement.

2. Level up with custom type.

If you really want to stand out from competitors, consider using custom fonts, particularly in your typography logo. Custom fonts are tailor-made for your brand by a graphic designer. When used in your typography logo, they enable you to create a distinct and memorable brand image that sets you apart in a saturated market. Your typography logo is meant to be unique and special – that way when people see it, they instantly connect with who you are and what you offer.

3. Pair your font styles.

Pairing fonts thoughtfully creates a sense of visual harmony in your design. When fonts complement each other, they contribute to a balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout that makes it easy for your reader to digest content. When it comes to font pairings, consult your graphic designers and pick font families that complement your brand (and each other) well. When in doubt, always refer back to Rule Number One.

4. Limit the number of fonts you use.

Along the same vein, limit the number of fonts you use in your brand to three or less. Using too many fonts creates a chaotic and inconsistent appearance across your marketing material. For example, you should have one font for your headlines, one font for your body copy, and one super special font for your logo. That’s it. Any more will compromise readability and ultimately makes it harder for your audience to engage with your messaging. Keep it simple and you’ll keep your content clear.

5. Know your hierarchy.

Once you’ve established your typography, you need to know when to use it. Carefully chosen font styles, sizes, and weights should be used consistently to emphasize headings, subheadings, and body text. This helps structure your content and keeps it visually appealing. Let’s face it—nobody wants to get hit with a wall of text. Knowing how to use your fonts to indicate hierarchy will guide your reader’s attention effectively.

Is your brand breaking one or more of these rules?

Connect with our graphic design team and let’s help you get back on track. Our award-winning marketing agency offers full branding packages to ensure you stand out. From brand refreshes to brand development, and rebrands, find out how we can boost your visual identity and have more people sliding into your DMs. And if you want a little more insight into branding in 2023, check out these graphic design trends that are heating things up.