Empowering B.C.’s communities with earthquake preparedness and safety.

Hosted by the BC Earthquake Alliance (BCEA), the Great British Columbia Shakeout is an annual event that invites participants from all over the province and Canada to practice how to be safe and prepared during big earthquakes. Looking to rebuild their website, they reached out to Array for progressive web design and responsive web development to better promote the event to the general public and serve as a reliable source for scientific-based information that schools, hospitals, and government organizations can reference.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Custom Illustrations and WordPress Theme
  • Accessible, Responsive Web Development
  • Custom WordPress Registration Plugin and Data Management Tool
  • Interactive Map with Automated, Filterable Participant Count System
  • MailChimp API Integration on Registration
  • Seamless Import & Transition of Past User Database
  • Registration Reflow & Data Restructuring

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • Our marketing agency rebuilt the website’s information architecture to create a distinct user journey that’s accessible to anyone navigating the site. We collaborated with governments and stakeholders to ensure both the general public and event organizers could easily access relevant information and data.
  • Based on the existing logo, our graphic design team put together a supporting tonal colour palette and typography. This creates emphasis and structure in the web design so users can seamlessly navigate through content and stay engaged. Bold headings and colourful animated buttons create a clear and appealing user journey on every page. While custom hand-drawn illustrations showcase popular landmarks from around the province to create inclusivity.
  • Our web designers and web developers created an interactive map featuring a dynamic counter programmed to recount throughout the day. As people register, the map updates by showcasing the number of participants in a given region. Users can filter through types of participants (for example individuals, government, or businesses) to get more specific participation information.
  • To ensure a successful launch, our web development team temporarily shut down the existing site while we managed the migration of data and testing to our Canadian server. Our launch strategy included uploading a splash page to ensure existing participants and newcomers were aware of upcoming changes.
  • For the new website, our web developers programmed a fully custom WordPress plugin that shows administrators data charts, filters and searches participants, and creates downloadable CSVs. This allows ShakeOut BC’s team to accurately report current registration levels to stakeholders.
  • Our web development team migrated existing participants and data into a rebuilt participation system. Previous participants can easily log in with their old credentials and re-register with one click. Once logged in, participants can also register multiple locations under one account and download a certification of completion.
  • As a final touch, our web developers integrated MailChimp into the registration sign-up so that when new participants submit their info, they can opt-in to receive reminders, newsletters, and resources about the event.

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