Website Refresh – Gen-Find: A Story

Once upon a time, a many six years ago, Array developed a website for Gen-Find Research Associates. The website functioned well, and all parties were happy.

Six years later, the world of the Web had drastically changed. Gen-Find found that user flow and technical functionality of their website was still great, but the visual style had become rather dated. As well, search engines had fancy new ways of finding websites, so their SEO setup was not as effective as it could be.

So it came to pass that, together, Array and Gen-Find embarked on refreshing their current website with a more current look and feel, and was fluid to even the smallest of device sizes. As well, we worked together on a brand-new SEO setup, so that their fancied-up website would be found by and attract exactly the type of clientele they were looking for.

If you wish, you can view the fruits of our labour here!