Canadian biotech company blooms with a modern redesign.

Through a collaborative partnership with Array, Industrial Plankton, a forward-thinking biotechnology company, gets a professional new image and complete website redesign.

Delivering innovative technology to customers across the globe.

Industrial Plankton Inc. design and build turnkey bioreactors for high-density, on-site, live plankton production for aquaculture hatcheries and shellfish farmers, university researchers and biotechnology scientists. In need of a website refresh, Industrial Plankton was looking to have their existing website revamped and moved onto WordPress. Establishing themselves as a global leader in live feed technology, Industrial Plankton required a new website that would showcase their innovative algae reactors, better connect them to their international clientele and produce more leads.

A revamped website generates leads through targeted actions.

Eager to streamline the client onboarding process and connect with their customers on a more personal level, Industrial Plankton wanted a website that would effectively showcase their products and give them the ability to receive contact information from prospective consumers. As marketers, it is our job to remove the fear out of the buying decision away from the consumer and help them feel confident in making a purchasing decision. To do this, we improved the user flow to drive visitors from the homepage into the relevant product page(s) and included a request for a quote form that was accessible on all product pages. To inspire more conversions, the new website was heavily optimized for load speeds and performance using a caching system to serve the images and optimize the video and graphical elements for quick loading, exceptional functionality and better overall user experience.

Reducing cognitive overload for a better user experience

Industrial Plankton specializes in innovative technology, which meant product pages were required to include an extensive volume of technical information – features, how it works, specifications and algae production information. To avoid overwhelming visitors with technical details, the new website features a tabbed layout to give users the ability to choose which information is relevant to them. An extensive SEO strategy ensures the new website is keyword dense and existing content is optimized to attract the attention of the specific markets Industrial Plankton wants to target.

With each algae photobioreactor having its own relevant documentation, such as brochures and other technical content, Industrial Plankton needed a stable document sharing feature that would help them distribute files more efficiently and securely. To achieve this, we incorporated a client portal featuring a password protected page to provide clients personalized and secure access to private company resources relevant to them – invoices, company policies, product brochures & manuals. Not only did this ease Industrial Plankton’s administration workload, but it also improved communication, ensured customers always had access to documentation and increased overall customer satisfaction.

Refreshing an existing brand into the modern era.

The visual design was essential to capture the attention of the demographics of specific clientele Industrial Plankton wanted to target – researchers, biotechnology and shellfish farmers. First, we modified Industrial Plankton’s logo by removing icons and opting for a text-based logo using their existing typography, allowing us to take the overall design in a more modern direction. Array executed a clean design aesthetic, resembling that of a research or university lab, and utilized whitespace to guide users through the website, making the content more memorable and easier to digest. Brand colours were used as accents to bring strong attention to calls of action. Finally, drawing inspiration from Industrial Plankton’s photobioreactors, a bubbly animated background graphic was added to give the website motion, making it feel alive and liquidy.

“The entire Array team was a pleasure to work with. A talented group of people who delivered our new website on a tight schedule. We will definitely choose them again for future projects!”

– A. Roulston, Industrial Plankton

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