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Merrill, Long & Co.

Merrill, Long & Co. is a people-oriented family law & litigation firm that has been proudly serving families and businesses in the Nanaimo and mid-Vancouver Island community since 1992. Feeling as though they had fallen into the trap of annually paying for a Yellow Pages website, and lacked a consistent brand that truly reflected who they were, they reached out to us for help on developing a marketing strategy that would pull everything together. To help them continue attracting the right staff and clientele, and give them the modern refresh they were looking for, we designed a new custom website and brand identity.

What Work Did We Do For Them?

  • Marketing strategy support
  • Custom web design + development
  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity package

How Did We Help Them Out?

  • To define a set of marketing objectives to support their vision and needs, we observed, reviewed, and collaborated with their team to develop an overall marketing direction that aligned with their short and long-term business goals.
  • The website utilizes a simple, modern, and functional design that allows desktop and mobile users to find the sections relevant to their needs. We created a user-experience that supports their core practice areas and provides an efficient SEO foundation for future digital marketing efforts.
  • The wordmark style logo focuses on the name and depth of expertise of the firm, while the open white space reflects the approachability, dependability, and integrity of the partners. By underlining the logotype with a supportive line, we convey a brand that exudes authority and a place of foundation for clients.
  • A corporate identity package, complete with brand standards documentation, business cards, MS letterheads, envelope designs, and email signatures, ensures the visual identity is consistent and reflective of the brand’s new look and feel.

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