Leading company in renewable solutions elevates their brand

Shift Energy Group is a team of talented designers and engineers providing clean energy solutions for homes, businesses, and municipalities across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. From solar energy to EV charging stations and LED installations, this local company is paving the way for sustainability while helping clients save money. Shift originally partnered with Array to design vehicle wrapping. The final result was so successful, they recognized the need to elevate their brand across the board—especially their website. And we were ready to deliver.

Setting a standard across all touchpoints

When we first connected with Shift Energy, they had an existing brand but it was challenging to translate across all mediums. This resulted in a lack of brand recognition that’s crucial to building client trust. To mediate this, we authored and designed a set of brand guidelines to create a standard for Shift Energy’s brand identity honing in on colour consistency. This included colour matching for print and digital mediums, rules for logo placement and usage, and typography styles. As a result, we not only elevated their brand to match their premium services, we provided a handbook to maintain a premium and cohesive brand experience at every angle.

Targeting the right people

Shift Energy has a large target market with a vast amount of content to match. To attract the right people, they needed a narrative tone that aligned with their brand personality and could effectively communicate their messaging. We identified three primary audiences and authored a brand voice that could adapt to each one directly. We then created an organized hierarchy of content for their website by reevaluating how to segment information to get people where they need to be. As a result, navigating content is intuitive and simplified to keep their messaging clear.

Building a website that generates leads

For Shift Energy, their website is often their first impression. And as a business that offers premium products, they needed a site to match. We designed and developed a user-friendly site allowing viewers to toggle, use list views, filter, and interact with information in a way that works for them. We integrated custom animated illustrations to keep audiences engaged and templates to keep their detailed case studies organized. We also fully optimized content with SEO tactics to ensure Shift Energy shows up on searches. The end result has successfully proven to generate and convert organic leads, and support their sales team to propel them to a top tier level for sustainable energy solutions. And we’re proud to say this website won Gold in the 2021 Muse Awards and Platinum for Hermes for our efforts.

Creating marketing assets that build recognition

With an updated brand and website, Shift Energy needed marketing assets to support their launch and drive traffic to their site. We extended their new brand style and guidelines across a series of digital ads, signage, and social media posts. We also developed a MailChimp template and corporate collateral including business cards and e-signatures, to ensure Shift Energy builds brand awareness and recognition. For anyone who joins their company in the future, the standards are set—Shift Energy is a brand that commands attention and delivers a high-end experience from start to finish.

“Since the launch of our new site, we’ve been approached by several renowned businesses across North America who’ve found us through a basic online search. We’re extremely pleased with our investment and will continue to work with Array for all our marketing efforts!”

– Colyn Strong, President of Shift Energy Group

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